Surprise poetic dances, spreading joy and positivity. Presenting magic, poetry, sensitivity, and a breath of freshness from the heart to the world.



By definition, an impromptu performance, most often seen within drama and music, is an immediate and unrehearsed creation. Les Impromptues are therefore brief sequences of dance where improvised movements unfold in everyday spaces. The project arose from the merging of Dance and the concept of Happiness, established by the French philosopher Émile-Auguste Chartier (also known under the name of Alain). His words reveal a mysterious, fragile and bright persona which also inspires Les Impromptues. 

Similarly to Alain’s philosophy, Les Impromptues encourage you to « develop the will to be happy and act towards achieving this desire ». Through their improvised dances in common spaces, the dancers spread a feeling of joy where you least expect it. They encourage you to experience the simple feeling of Happiness and rediscover Beauty in your daily life. 

The original red and white costume that the dancers wear is characteristic of Les Impromptues. It allows them to create a symbolic distance between the modern era and today’s world, and sets the following questions: what is our outlook on the world? Do we know how to observe our surroundings and are we capable of appreciating its beauty? What significance do we give to outward appearance, and can we see beyond it?


Dance triggers the merging of aesthetic shapes with the moving body. Through the fusion of these elements, it mirrors the environment it is performed in - from hectic urban areas to serene fields in the countryside. Dance allows for a new expression, and therefore a new understanding, of our reality. It is a way to rewrite our environment in unforeseen ways, as dance strikes us as an unexpected and rich art form. It can simultaneously take the appearance of a painting, a sculpture, a dramatic dialogue, or a short film. 

Our Impromptu Movements are dances filmed in unusual locations. Far from the studios and opera houses, we perform Margaret Morris Movement (MMM) exercises. MMM is a modern dance method that was founded in the 20th century by a choreographer, dancer and artist named Margaret Morris. She developed a series of exercises that maintained and improved health through aesthetic movements. In our videos, the exercises are modified and complemented with other improvised movements to embrace the environment we dance in. The shapes of our moving bodies blend with the atmosphere of our surroundings. Our Impromptu Movements are consequently a reflection of what we feel in the present moment.

Each week, you will have the chance to watch us dance across Europe, in the hopes to bring more Joy in the Art world.



We would like to mention our recently passed Impromptue Stephanie Dubois-Giroud. She will always dance in our hearts.

We would also like to thank previously active dancers of Les Impromptues dance company: Nikki Finch, Marie Dehais, and Lubka Kubusova.