• Dance anywhere improvising and introducing dance into everyday life.
  • Offering a taste of pure Art and simple joy in everyday life.
  • Establishing a lively and sensitive connection, a bridge between Art and normal life, between places, situations, works of art and people.
  • Proposing a poetic vision of everyday life.
  • To break down barriers and open dance up as an accessible art form.
  • To get out of the restrictions of the commercial side of dance. Offer Dance as a breath. Without charge. Voluntarily.
  • Create an innovative and collaborative community of dancers engaged in open artistic exchanges.

On their way, the passersby stop or turn around, surprised, amused, touched,

suddenly happier, suddenly a little freer, a little prouder to be human.

They return to their everyday life with more than a feeling of joy

like a smile in their hearts. (Alain)



surprise the spectators of an event

The bathers come straight from the beginning of the 20th century and invite themselves into a cultural and artistic event. Les Impromptues are bathers from the 1920s, dressed in bathing suits from the epoc. In 100 years the world has changed completely. Les Impromptues therefore pass from bewilderment to jubiliation; from fear to tenderness; from seriousness to fantasy. Are they taken aback, terrified, amused by everything they discover? A smile, a shrug, a few small steps outlined, and it is the optimism of dance prevails. It is a pleasure to meet them on each occasion.



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the weekly video from Les Impromptues

The dance collective who live in several countries-France, Scotland, The Netherlands, England, Switzerland- decided to link up; connected to each other by technology. They dance weekly, an 'Impromptu' inspired by   the repertoire of Margaret Morris, with their own variation and then post the film on the 'Les Impromptues' facebook page bringing a positive mood to all who follow them.



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